The City

Dynamic, Montréal is an active region in winter as in summer, during the day as well as night. Cultural life is intense, and the arts, sometimes classic other times decidedly avant-garde are a big part of Montréalers’ lives. Downtown is bustling with commercial and cultural activities. The heart of the International Quarter beats to the rhythm of the many international congresses, symposiums or trade shows that Montréal welcomes each year.

Famous for its good mood and its “joie de vivre”, Montréal has acquired an international reputation for dining that combines styles and cultural influences, and for big festivals celebrating jazz, light, snow, cinema and even laughter.

Montréal is a safe region where life is good, and people have healthy lifestyles. Sports can done outdoors or indoors, in winter as in summer: you can skate on frozen ponds, ski, ride a bike for kilometres on reserved trails, spend a day playing golf, or go rafting…all this without leaving the city!

Montréal: a region that lives, celebrates and breathes!